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Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Ring Guarantees.

Posted by Johan Poggenpoel on Apr 13, 2018 9:04:01 AM


What do you think is the single biggest complaint customers have in their dealings with jewellers? 

Quality issues.

With no runner-up in sight. 

Here's a typical scenario: You spent your hard earned money on an engagement ring, and somehow it has been damaged (bent, lost a diamond etc....) on your fiancee's hand without an apparent cause like a car accident.

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The Price Of A 2ct Diamond In South Africa

Posted by Johan Poggenpoel on Apr 19, 2017 3:12:57 PM

After a tremendously successful 2016 where we saw the amount of transactions we closed in the 2ct diamond engagement ring market skyrocket we actively started doing market research to check the levels of service and prices other jewellers were offering to the public and overseas buyers (tourists and international inquiries). We have an incredibly high conversion rate… but you can’t possibly land every single transaction in a specific range, can you? And if you do… why?

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Top 20 Complaints About Traditional Jewellers in South Africa

Posted by Johan Poggenpoel on Mar 3, 2017 1:35:17 PM


We just finished up our yearly Engagement Ring Shopper Survey. Participation was excellent, and we've found some interesting shifts in engagement ring shopping psychology. We do have a significant market share (especially in Pretoria) so to keep things objective I eliminated all submissions from email addresses we currently have on record. This includes leads and previous customers.

To ensure our service is top notch I spend about an hour per month on HelloPeter reading what customers of other jewellers are complaining about.

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Why Are Mall-Based Jewellers So Expensive?

Posted by Johan Poggenpoel on Aug 17, 2015 2:01:00 PM


I’m a big fan of the old(?) saying; you get what you pay for.

Buying the cheapest per se is a sure-fire way to get burnt. Luckily, after a few burns most of us start to grasp the concept of value. This price to quality ratio (value) is an invaluable tool when making purchasing decisions.

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Designer Jewellery Brands (How To Waste Your Money 101)

Posted by Johan Poggenpoel on Aug 13, 2014 12:57:11 PM

Shirley will never try to convince you that her R92 000 Valentino Evening Bag was a sensible purchase. But she wasn’t looking for sensible when she casually strolled into Valentino now was she? Some people find the thrill of a luxury purchase to be nothing short of intoxicating. Visit cities like New York and Rome and you’ll find miles of expensive boutiques fueling shopper’s addictions to all things luxurious. 

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